Friday, June 27, 2008

questions 1- Scooters and cell phones

Methinks i will use this to ask random questions.

1. How did we think of the Razor Scooter? it's kind of like a skateboard, with only two wheels, a stick for your hands, and, its almost impossible to go fast on one. The tricks are limited. I Played the Razor Scooter video games on Nintendo 64, and i wondered "How can you take both hands off without the scooter falling from your feet?" Or "how do they get so much speed to get up the ramp?" Plus- have you ever seen anybody at a skate park with a scooter?

2. I asked my friends about cell phones and he wanted a chocolate. I asked how much they cost and they were 100 some dollars. Wow. That Chocolate better taste pretty Good. Now, being the person i am, i asked if you shaved with a razor, and was jealous of the envy. I'm pretty weird huh?


Who will read this blog? Will anyone? uhhhh. NO!